Course on Endocrine Diseases in Pregnancy - Choroby endokrynologiczne w ciąży


Biuro Kongresów JORDAN
Sobieskiego 22/2
31–136 Kraków
tel. 12 341 61 62
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Termin i miejsce

23.11.2017 − 25.11.2017 − Auditorium Maximum, ul. Krupnicza 33, Kraków, woj. małopolskie


Przewodniczący komitetu organizacyjnego:
Alicja Hubalewska-Dydejczyk


European Society of Endocrinology

Polskie Towarzystwo Endokrynologiczne
Wybrzeże L. Pasteura 4, 50-367 Wrocław
tel. 71 7842545

Uniwersytet Jagielloński - Collegium Medicum
Świętej Anny 12, 31-008 Kraków
tel. +48 12 422 04 11


Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to invite you to the Teaching Course on Endocrine Diseases in Pregnancy, which will take place in Krakow, on November 23rd- 25th, 2017. The conference is endorsed by the European Society of Endocrinology, and is also supported by the Polish Society of Endocrinology.

The course, focused on all aspects of gestational endocrinology, as well as endocrine-related issues of pregnancy planning and management of infertile couples, is directed towards endocrinologists, obstetricians and gynecologists, neonatologist, and other medical professionals involved in pregnancy care. The increasing awareness of importance of endocrine homeostasis for fetal development is also connected with increasing doubts and concerns related to proper management of endocrine diseases during gestation. Distinguished experts invited as speakers should answer at least a part of the questions related to those issues.

The course is also an opportunity to interact with colleagues, to share experience, and to make new scientific and professional connections. Last but not least, it is a chance to visit Krakow, the oldest city in Poland, with the best preserved medieval structure of the old town, unique see-sights and incomparable atmosphere.

On behalf of the organizing Committee
23 - 25 November 2017, Krakow, Poland


Choroby wewnętrzne, Endokrynologia, Endokrynologia ginekologiczna i rozrodczość, Neonatologia, Położnictwo i ginekologia